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Requirements Summary

Sep 9, 2010 at 3:04 AM

1. One account per user

2. Accounts should keep track of *balance, *withdrawal amounts, *deposit amounts, account number, PIN.

* indicates user viewable

3. Utilizes only a screen (monitor) , keypad (keyboard), cash dispenser, and deposit slot.

4. Can only dispense 500 $20 bills daily.

5. Authentication of user based on account number (5 long) & PIN (also 5 long).

6. Session - Authentication, create transactions, execute transactions.

7. Main menu only displayed when legit account number and PIN entered.

8. Main menu displays number options for- balance inquiry, withdrawal, deposit, and exit. Error trap required, display error message and return to main menu.

9. Balance Inquiry (1) - Enter 1, retrieve balance from database, show.

10. Withdrawal (2) - Displays standard withdrawal amounts: 20, 40, 60, 100, and 200. Option to cancel. Use keypad to select. Check if funds are sufficient, if not, tell user to choose a smaller amount and return to PIN entry. If funds are sufficient, proceed. If canceled, return to main menu. Check if cash dispenser has enough cash to satisfy. If so, proceed, if not, indicate the problem and return to displaying withdrawal amounts. Then, withdraw amount from account balance, dispense money, display reminder to take cash.

11. Deposit (3) - Prompt to enter deposit amount or 0 to cancel, user enters using keypad. Keypad does not contain dollar sign or decimal. User enters deposit as amount of CENTS. If canceled, return to main menu. Display a message to insert a deposit envelope into the deposit slot. If deposit is received within two minutes, ATM credits deposit to the user's account. Money should not be immediately available. If no deposit is received within two minutes, display a message that the system has canceled transaction due to inactivity and displays main menu. (I think this criteria should be reviewed, returning to the main menu due to inactivity).

12. After transactions, redisplay main menu.

13. Upon quitting, display a thank you message, then a welcome message for the next user.

Sep 9, 2010 at 3:16 AM

Thank You!